Animal Welfare in Kodai

Blanche was among the first street puppies we rescued. She was a tiny scrap of dog wandering around the tourist bus stand. In non-Covid times, local boys make money selling puppies to tourists, trying to pass them off as ‘breed dogs’. So maybe a tourist had bought her from someone and then discarded her, or maybe she had lost track of her mother. We often don’t know how puppies come to be in the state they’re in.

Blanche had almost no hair, a belly swollen with parasites, and she had been eating  garbage. Treatment consisted of de-worming, medicated baths, warmth, safety, cuddles, vitamins, and an enriched diet. Progress was rapid. Young puppies like Blanche have a strong desire to thrive. Her hair grew back. Her skin healed. In a week she was looking adorable.

By three months she had grown into a robust, beautiful young dog with a gentle, polite temperament. We were so pleased to find a lovely home with a young family who adored her she lives there happily to this day.

The KSPCA has 13 vaccinated puppies available for adoption, as of June 6th.

The aim of the KSPCA and of our fostering program is to have a healthy, vaccinated, controlled population of street dogs in Kodai, and to prevent suffering. Neutering and vaccination programs are key to bringing this about.

We welcome anyone willing to foster, volunteer, or donate. Please contact us via our site (clickable off our logo, above) and do check us out on social media.

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