Kodaikanal Municipal body elections 2022
Photos courtesy The Kodai Chronicle staff

Kodaikanal Municipal Elections 2022: An Informal Discussion

As we have just established operations and do not yet have the resources to adequately cover these elections, The Kodai Chronicle facilitated this discussion – while we have not been actively involved in its curation. We consulted with many members of the local community and were led to M Michael, a well-known social worker and field organizer. Michael contacted candidates from all parties, aided by M Veena, Kodai FM Radio Jockey. Both moderated these interviews.

An attempt was made to have representation from all parties and to represent all demographics in terms of gender, faith, and occupation, subject to availability and time constraints. This is an imperfect process. As there are more than 100 candidates, it is difficult to represent them all. If you wish to hear more about what each candidate offers, please do follow their individual campaigns.

This is intended to serve as a beginning. We wanted to initiate what might, eventually, become the first in a series of debates and town halls: forums for politicians to meet with constituents or hear from them on topics of interest. Thank you for watching.

Please write in to letters@thekodaichronicle.com in Tamil or English if you have any comment or question.

Note: Our involvement is not an endorsement of any candidate or party.

Introducing our moderators:

M Veena has been a radio jockey at Kodai FM for the past five years, interviewing major personalities ranging from movie directors to doctors and publishers. She has worked for 10 years as a middle school teacher at Zion Matriculation School, teaching computer and social science. Veena has a Master’s in Business Administration and is pursuing a PhD on the impact of FM Radio on listeners in Tamil Nadu at Madurai Kamaraj University.

M Michael is a social worker and field organizer with over 40 years of experience in the field, and has worked in particular with tribal people in the Palani Hills. He was responsible for education, welfare, and healthcare in over 60 tribal hamlets, and is also an active trade union organiser, responsible for unionising many non-formal sectors such as horseriders and sweepers. Founder secretary of VOYCE (Vattakanal Organization for Youth Community and Environment) since 1994, he is also the president of the Kodaikanal Tourism Council.

Individual interviews with candidates:

திரு. கண்ணன்
நாம் தமிழர் கட்சி
Mr. Kannan
Naam Thamilar (Thamizhar) Party

திருமதி. ஆஷா ரவீந்திரன்
சுயேட்சை வேட்பாளர்
Mrs. Asha Ravindran
Independent candidate

திரு. சேக் அப்துல்லா
மனித நேய மக்கள் கட்சி
Mr. Seik Abdullah
TMMK (Thamilaga Muslim Munetra Kalagam)

திருமதி. ஜெசிந்தா மனோகரன்
சுயேட்சை வேட்பாளர்
Mrs. Jecintha Manoharan
Independent candidate

The Kodai Chronicle Staff

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