Weewake’s Kitchen serves a mix of comfort food
Weewake’s Kitchen serves a mix of comfort food, ranging from burgers and butter chicken to barbecue wings, quesadillas, and Kerala-style beef fry (Photo: Weewake’s Kitchen)

Yum-ergency Supplies: Takeout Restaurants to Make the Lockdown Better

Sitting at home with little connection to the outside world can be tiring, especially with the threat of more lockdowns looming over us. Some days, getting some takeout feels like bringing a part of the outside world back home.  In fact, it gives me the drive to push through, and reminds me that there is a light on the other side of the tunnel.

Here is a list of takeaway eateries (in no particular order) to enjoy while you are stuck indoors, through the second and third waves. 


Note: Some places do home deliveries, and others require you to pick up the food from the establishment. 

  • Weewake’s

Weewake’s started during the pandemic and has a changing menu that ranges from butter chicken and Kerala-style beef ularthiyathu, to Asian noodle bowls, quesadillas, and thin-crust pizzas with Bolognese sauce. The portions are generous, the packaging is mostly compostable, and the food is flavourfula good addition to Kodai’s food scene. To order, visit the website, and place your order at least an hour in advance, as the kitchen requires some preparation time.

What to order Beef ularthiyathu + Bolognese pizza
Lake Road, Kodaikanal; daily 12:30 pm-8:30 pm; meal for two between Rs 500-1,000; home delivery in and around Kodaikanal town.

  • Muncheez
Photo: Maya Sarkar

Muncheez started off with a tiny sitting area and is now one of the most popular eateries in Kodai. There’s always music in the air, a menu of pizza, burgers, rolls, and Chinese food on offer, and a chill atmosphere that is hard to beat. The kitchen also makes refreshing lemon coolers, milkshakes and desserts including chocolate cake, cheesecake, and warm, gooey brownies with vanilla ice cream.

What to order Chicken spicy mayo roll + brownie with ice cream + lime-mint cooler

Poet Tyagaraja Road (04542-240 046); daily 10 am-8:30 pm; meal for two between Rs 400-1,000; home delivery in and around Kodaikanal town. 

  • HFC

If you’re looking for a carb-loaded calorie feast, HFC is the place to go. This fast-food place has been in Kodai for a while, and is known for its burgers, fried chicken, tangy wings, and addictive masala-fries. Don’t miss their assortment of drinks, such as green apple and bubble-gum lemonade.

What to order Tandoori burger + wings + fries

Seven Roads Junction (04542 246 413/04542 242 550); Daily 11 am – 8:30 pm; meal for two Rs 500-750; home delivery in and around Kodaikanal town. 

  • Cloud Street
Photo: Maya Sarkar

Cloud Street is known for its homely vibe, vintage look, and nostalgic English music. The restaurant specializes in thin-crust pizza made in a wood-fired oven, but also serves a list of pastas, cheesy lasagne, and some desserts. Cloud Street does not do home-delivery, but customers can get their meals to go. 

What to order Pepper steak pizza + banana smoothie

Poet Tyagaraja Road (04542-246 425); daily 9 am-8:30 pm; meal for two between Rs 500-1,000; no home delivery. 

  • Aby’s Cafe

Aby’s has a knack for snacks such as sandwiches, burritos, tacos, milkshakes, and Nutella waffles, but also does good North Indian like kadi-chawal, pav bhaji, and dahi papdi chaat (a rarity in Kodaikanal!). I’ve been going there for as long as I can remember, and it has never failed to satisfy me. 

What to order Quesadilla + vanilla-Oreo milkshake

Poet Tyagaraja Road (9842912398/9842412398); daily 11 am-7 pm; meal for two between Rs 500-1,000; home delivery in and around Kodaikanal town. 

  • Tava Vegetarian Restaurant
Photo: Maya Sarkar

Tava is a vegetarian restaurant that specializes in North-Indian cuisine, and Punjabi-style parathas that are to die for. The portions are big, the prices are quite affordable, and the menu includes pav bhaji, dal makhni, palak paneer, and channa masala. Special shout out to spicy bhindi fry, paneer bhurji, and the gooey, cheese parathas.

What to order Pav baji + bhindi fry

Poet Tyagaraja Road (04542-241 153); Monday-Saturday, 10 am-8:30 pm; meal for two between Rs 300-700; home delivery in and around Kodaikanal town. 

  • Hilltop

Hilltop is an establishment with many arms, including a bakery, natural ice cream shop, and two restaurants. Between them, you can generally eat anything from manchow soup, chicken 65, and Chettinad-style meat roast, to paper dosas, medu vadas, sausage rolls, and loaves of multi-grain bread. During the pandemic however, Hilltop only delivers a limited menu that is largely Chinese-style take out, and bread. 

What to order Chicken noodles + chilli chicken 

Club Road (04042 240 413); daily 8 am-7 pm; meal for two between Rs 300-800; home delivery in and around Kodaikanal town.

  • Ten Degrees

At Ten Degrees, you can get a crisp salad, juicy beef burgers, and a side of honey-chilli wings, as well as mutton kebabs, Kerala beef fry,  and homely prawn curry. The prices are on the higher side, but one can always find good food on the menu. 

 For something sweet, try the coconut pudding, passion fruit cheesecake, or the strawberry milkshake with chilliit might sound strange but they know what they’re doing. 

What to order Moo burger + Sweet lime soda

Poet Tyagaraja Road (08056841208); daily 11:30 am-8:30 pm; meal for two Rs 800-1500; home delivery in and around Kodaikanal town. 

  • Royal Tibet

‘Tibs’, as the restaurant is fondly called, has been providing Kodai with exceptionally large portions of comfort food for over 30 years. Options include steaming bowls of thukpa soup, momos stuffed with veggies, meat, or cheese, and plates piled with chowmein and spicy chilli chicken. ‘Tibs’ does not deliver, nor do they take orders over the phone, but the kitchen is open, and will parcel food for you if you visit in person.

What to order Momos + egg fried rice + thukpa 

Poet Tyagaraja Road; daily 11:30 am-3 pm and 5-8 pm; meal for two Rs 400-800.

Please note: All restaurants on this list are selected based on the writer’s taste and sensibilities. 

Maya Sarkar

Maya Sarkar is in 12th grade at Kodaikanal International School and an editorial intern at The Kodai Chronicle.

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