Letters to The Kodai Chronicle, December 2021

Dear TKC Editors,

I was delighted to come across (and subscribe to) The Kodai Chronicle—I spent many happy holidays in Kodai, as a child. I am now working my way through the issues starting with Issue 0, where I was delighted to read about Dr Kirloskar, of whom I have fond memories. I remember playing snooker with him when I was a boy, in the Kodai Club—her was always very tolerant of youngsters. Sometimes his daughter would look on; she was also very tolerant. I remember that she let me try her sniffing tobacco on one occasion (those were different times!). I must have been a very annoying child, but they were kind people. Looking at the photo which heads the article, I think that one of the people photographed with Dr Kirloskar is Nigel Kirby, who was a friend of my father’s. Thank you for producing such a wonderful magazine—you have a fan here in the UK!

Marc Joan

Yay, audio at last!

Vasu Balakrishnan, Kodaikanal

Good to know physical copies are available in Bangalore and other cities 🙂

Vijay Karthik

What an excellent idea the Sunday Read is!! Thank you.

Jayashree Kumar, Kodai resident

The Kodai Chronicle Staff

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