About Us

The Kodai Chronicle (TKC) is an independent, community-driven eco-publication based in the Western Ghats: one of the greatest biodiversity hotspots on Earth, crucial to the well-being of us all. Our mission: to use storytelling to showcase the biodiversity of this landscape; explore challenges unique to mountain ecosystems; encourage sustainable development; and champion community-driven stewardship.

Our target audience is laypeople and readers interested in the environment. We have reached 100,000 plus readers thus far.

Our editorial board consists of publisher Rajni George, social media manager Neha Sumitran and editorial consultant Nitin Padte.

Founded in 2021, TKC is administered by a trust, and has been run primarily through community crowdfunding and volunteers. The Kodai Chronicle Trust is a not-for-profit organization established by Kodai residents. We welcome well-wishers and advertisers, following approval by a board of trustees: writer and environmentalist Lathika George, culinary historian Rakesh Raghunathan, and Avijit Michael, who works with citizen engagement at Jhatkaa.org.

From 2024 on, we publish a story every month, digitally.

Our logo incorporates a design by Abhimanyu Srinath, a black ‘K’, featuring both Perumalmalai and a bird.