Praise for The Kodai Chronicle

We received many expressions of interest and appreciation from many of you. There was too much to reprint in full, but here is some selected praise.

‘If the heat’s got you down and you’re hankering for the hills, you’ll be cool browsing, a wonderful new publication celebrating all things Kodaikanal.’ 

Suketu Mehta, author, Maximum City

‘One of the best start-ups we’ve had in recent years. I really hope it will get the support it needs to continue.’

Zai Whitaker, Writer, Conservationist and Managing Trustee of The Madras Crocodile Bank

‘Kodi is heaven and those protecting its hills, forests, lakes will be remembered by history as the protectors of tomorrow.’

Bittu Sahgal, Conservationist and founder of Sanctuary Asia

‘[Consider] the too-often missed or under-regarded place and role of hill stations in Indian literature; and how the seemingly unambitious microcosm can offer us a refreshingly panoramic vista.’

Ranjit Hoskote, poet and writer, on TKC’s hill station literature piece

The Kodai Chronicle is new little magazine that is a discovery. Local matters, literary issues – it’s a lively new space worth following.’

Anuradha Roy, author of All the Lives We Never Lived, Ranikhet resident

The Kodai Chronicle clearly has a bright future.’

Cyrus Mistry, resident and writer

‘This is fantastic. I have always believed in community newspapers. All the very best.’

Elizabeth Kuruvilla, executive editor, Penguin Random House India

‘What a wonderful effort to put out so much incredible information! Kodai is such a special and diverse place.’

Ann Peck, artist living between Kodai and Topsham, Vermont

‘Congratulations on The Kodai Chronicle! I loved the pilot issue, particularly the section on nostalgia – made me feel transported not only to Kodai, but to an older time there. What I really, really liked about the publication was that it was both local and universal.’

Simran Dhir, lawyer and writer, Bangalore

‘Delighted to receive this. Some day we’d love to return and I’d find something to write about for the Chronicle!’

Rollo Romig, Journalist

The Kodai Chronicle is the kind of local publication that feels hopeful because of the way it explores the worlds nestled in the beautiful Palani Hills, and the challenges faced by the area and its residents. It also has articles about other mountain towns, which I love because it sort of reminds me of the lighting of the beacons in Lord of the Rings. Bottom line: The Kodai Chronicle is all sorts of good.’

Deepanjana Pal, Writer