Writing for The Kodai Chronicle

A guide to writing for this new bi-monthly from the Western Ghats. This document will introduce you to:

Our Sections

We invite you to find your own space/s within The Kodai Chronicle under the following headers.

Community: Reportage, perspective, and commentary around ongoing concerns.

Farming and Gardening: Matters of cultivation, both personal and commercial—profiles of specific crops or plants and guidance for local growers and gardeners

Food: Local recipes and ingredients, recommendations for Kodai’s best dishes and where to get them, and the best of new restaurants, home cooks and takeaway services in the area

Culture: Books, art, and music connected to Kodai, through interviews, book extracts, reviews, essays and profiles

Children: Personal essays and opinion pieces from the children of Kodaikanal and their parents, as well as reportage around the education field and guidance, online and offline

Around Town: Kodai characters and places, an Agony Aunt column, offbeat parts of town cherished by locals

NostalgiaMemories and reminiscences from locals and former residents

Environment and Wildlife: Flora and fauna native to the Palani Hills—stories about wildlife, and environmental concerns such as dwindling sholas and pollution

TKC’s Focus on Environmental Journalism

In addition to covering local concerns, we aim to build environmental journalism from a biodiversity hotspot as a pivotal part of what we do. To this end, we welcome submissions from both specialists and lay people who have knowledge of, or have spent time with, these subjects. 

In Issue 2, for example, we featured both a viewpoint from an ecologist who has studied the kaatu maadu and has the largest body of research on it that we know of; and a reported piece by a local writer which focussed on how residents are affected by the increased presence of gaur in areas populated by humans—while making the same connections to the bigger picture. We also featured a guide to the Snakes of the Palani Hills by the herpetologist SR Ganesh alongside a personal account by a self-taught birder.

Terms & Conditions

To submit to The Kodai Chronicle’s Environment and Wildlife section, please email the Environment editor, Jacob Cherian, at with a clear pitch of a few lines, outlining what you want to cover and how. 

Articles typically run from 1000-1500 words, off a clear, assigned brief, following a discussion with our editorial team. We are open to longer pieces as is feasible and apt. We require 3-5 images (1 MB minimum high resolution) for each piece, and help to source them.

Expect your article to be edited at several levels (initial structural edit, copy edit), as part of a collaborative process. For other submissions, please see the descriptions of sections above, and respective email addresses here.

About Us

The Kodai Chronicle was created and published by residents and friends of Kodaikanal and neighbouring areas, launching digitally in June with a pilot issue. 

Subsequently, we have moved to a bimonthly format, publishing an Issue on Waste Management (July) and Wildlife (August end). Our next issue, out October end, is focussed on Sholas; thereafter, Issue 4 focusses on Lakes and Water Bodies, as well as an end-of-year review. While each issue tries to focus articles around the respective theme, we publish other non-related material, with each issue; particularly material that is pertinent to Kodai, the Palani Hills, and the Western Ghats, and timely. 

We are administered by The Kodai Chronicle Trust, a not-for-profit organization established by Kodai residents.