A Small Animal Vet for Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal is badly in need of a small animal vet who can:

  • attend to injury cases
  • perform neutering surgeries on street dogs and owned pets, and carry out an ongoing street dog neutering program
  • carry out rabies vaccination drives in the community in order to address the ever-present threat of rabies in the area
  • perform diagnostics and give treatment to sick small animals in this community.

The Kodaikanal Municipality has allowed the use of its facility for some years. Over time and with the help of donations from the community, it now has a fully equipped operating theatre, kennels, and a doctor’s quarters on the first floor of the building. What it lacks is a small animal vet who can attend to its street and owned dogs and cats on behalf of KSPCA.

Donate now to help make it happen by following this link: Kodaikanal Society for the Protection and Care for Animals(KSPCA)

Pearl was rescued from the street in Munjikal
Pearl was rescued from the street in Munjikal and brought to us about seven weeks ago (Photo courtesy KSPCA)

Our goals:

  • a healthy controlled population of street dogs in Kodaikanalin order to avoid intimidation of tourists, abandoned puppies, and unhealthy or injured dogs on the streets
  • a ‘rabies-free Kodai’ through 100 percent coverage of rabies vaccinations of all dogs in the community
  • a small animal vet who can be called upon by Kodai’s citizens in cases of injury or illness, for vaccinations, or for help with whelping females and newborns; pet owners should not have to go to Dindigul, a journey which is costly and is stressful for sick or injured pets and their owners
  • all vet services should be donate-as-you-can so that no one will be turned away and all can avail of proper vet care
  • Kodai should become a model of humane responsible animal welfare!

Please help this make this happen so that we can provide proper care for the small animals of Kodaikanal!

Again, follow this link to donate: Kodaikanal Society for the Protection and Care for Animals (KSPCA)

(All donations are tax deductible.)

The Kodai Chronicle Staff

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