Down on All Fours

Down on All Fours: Ant Versus Worm

Once upon a time, two little ants met a small squiggly worm, and thought to themselves, ‘Hey let’s take this worm back home for dinner!’ The worm was happy at first; nobody had ever invited him home for dinner before. But that happiness was short lived. The ants put the worm on their shoulders and began to march back to their ant hill, singing, ‘Worm noodles, Worm noodles, tonight we’ll eat worm noodles!’

‘No way,’ thought the worm. If the ants thought this worm would make an easy meal, they were sorely mistaken.

Will the ants have worm noodles tonight? Or will the worm escape? Watch the video till the end to find out!

Once you see the video, do get down on all fours too and check out the insects and tiny citizens in the grass around you in Kodaikanal: ladybugs, grasshoppers, butterflies, leeches and toads. Spy on that spider keeping an eye on you from the corner of your house. Or conduct a sting operation on those bees buzzing around the flowers. (Stay safe around the bees and leeches though.) Shoot a video if you spot anything interesting, and mail it to us on (with or without narration). 

Video, script, edit and voiceover by Satish deSa @

Satish deSa

Satish deSa is an advertising consultant, educator, entrepreneur, and Waldorf enthusiast. He is editor of the Children section of The Kodai Chronicle and co-founder of WagTales Childhoods, a child engagement company.

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