Make Yourself a Pinecone Hoopoe, Kodai-Style

Two things you can’t miss around Kodai: pinecones and hoopoes. Here’s how you can see them together, by making a hoopoe out of a pinecone.

Materials: white glue, paper, scissors, colours (optional), pinecone (preferably with a little beak)

Step 1: Keep all your materials ready. 


Step 2: Make the hoopoe crest; cut a small rectangle of paper. Fold it as shown in the image above (like a small paper fan, or an accordion if you know what that is). Glue the folds at one end, and stick it to the top of the pine cone.

Step 3: Make the tail by cutting a triangle out to form the tail. Cut off the tip of the triangle. And now, fold it so that you can stick the paper into one of the folds of the pine cone. 

Step 4: Make the beak: cut a pointed piece of paper as shown, and stick it to the top of the pinecone as shown in the image above.

Extraaaaa: Try attaching variously shaped tails and beaks to a pine cone to see if you can make any other birds. Try a rooster. Or a peacock. Or an eagle (add some open wings to the sides).

You can also try attaching wire to the bottom to give your bird legs and allow it to perch on your table or shelf when it isn’t flying. Or, try to attach two twigs to the bottom to make legs.

Experiment – and let us know how it goes. Email us at and/ or tag us on our Instagram page with your end result!

Satish deSa

Satish deSa is an advertising consultant, educator, entrepreneur, and Waldorf enthusiast. He is editor of the Children section of The Kodai Chronicle and co-founder of WagTales Childhoods, a child engagement company.

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