TKC Podcast Episode 1

Interview with Nik Sekhran, Chief Conservation Officer, WWF-USA

The Kodai boy who worked in 50 countries: from KIS, to the UN, to the WWF, this former resident is the first in our series of profiles of conservationists connected to the Western Ghats.

He worked for many years for the United Nations Development Programme, where amongst several jobs he headed the UN’s largest biodiversity programme. He was UNDP’s Chief of Sustainable Development when the Sustainable Development Goals were launched.

This summer, he spent some time speaking with Jacob Cherian, Editor of the Environment & Wildlife section at The Kodai Chronicle, about conservation, wildlife, Kodai, and some of the most urgent matters of our time. Read about his time as a boy growing up in Kodaikanal, all the way up to his work on conservation today.

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Jacob Cherian

Jacob Cherian, Editor of the Environment & Wildlife section also runs, a content and events company committed to positive environmental impact. He lives between Bengaluru and Prakasapuram.

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