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Letters to The Kodai Chronicle, August 2021

Brilliant! Kodi is a heaven and those protecting its hills, forests, lakes will be remembered by history as the protectors of tomorrow.

Bittu Sahgal, founder, Sanctuary

Dear TKC,
I would like to submit my suggestion to save Kodai.

After the Covid19 relaxation, from Friday to Monday, huge crowds have been coming into Kodai..
We have learned from the Covid lockdown that Kodai is purely depending on its Tourism.

Step 1: Write a request letter to our Municipality Commissioner We should ask for the district collector to restrict the huge crowd by implementing the e-pass for travellers coming to Kodai.
The funds from the e-Pass should go towards a CLEAN CITY project. A maximum of 300-400 vehicles should be allowed into town every weekend. During weekdays, there will be no restrictions to the amounts of tourists. This will reduce the large crowds during the weekends.

Step 2: Request a re-opening of the boat houses, and to give tourists access to Bryant Park and other tourist hot-spots, reducing the large gatherings of tourists in communal areas.

Step 3: Only vaccinated tourists can enter Kodai.
Because of too much crowd not only the lake, all the places are going to be dirty.
The large crowds increase pollution around the lake and other communal areas.

Step 4: There is very good awareness, about using of plastics. We have to advise the shopkeepers around the lake and every place to the maintain dustbins. After finishing business, we have to clean in and around their shop unless there will be penalty apply.

Step 5: Although many are educated in the disposal of plastic materials, we have to advise the shopkeepers around the lake and other areas to maintain dustbins for the public. After closing their shops, they should clean in and around their shops. There should be a penalty in place if they fail to do so.

Step 6. Request the municipality to build wash rooms (use and pay) near Bryant Park and in sightseeing places since more tourists are gathering in the all sight seeing places. Like near KMC, which is well-maintained by the The Carlton.

Step 7: Once we control the crowd then we request the government to ban new construction for at least three years. Google View shows that there is more construction than greenery in Kodai.

Step 8. I humbly request our team to take immediate steps to save our Kodai city for our future generations. I humbly request your team to take immediate steps to help save Kodai for future generations.

Thanking you,

Saleem Sait, resident

Dear TKC,

Congratulations on a classic newspaper on Kodai. 

I have always been troubled when governments and municipalities ban this and that and fine consumers. Why are they not holding the companies, that create such harmful packaging that is not recyclable, responsible? Why are they not fined?

Suddenly plastic water bottles and soda bottles are banned here without providing any alternative besides soda cans.

Do you have a solution?

Zarreen Babu, resident

The Kodai Chronicle Staff

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