Letter to the Readers, December 2021

Dear Readers,

It’s the end of the year—at last. What a year! Elephants at Pillar Rocks, non-stop rain, and the prospect of a regular helicopter service (zounds).

In Issue 4, we celebrate the end of the year with an exclusive interview with Amitav Ghosh, and our first long-form story, reported over many months. Enjoy ‘Elephant in My Backyard’ with your cup of coffee, and chase it with our first Farmer’s Journal by Shaker Nagarajan, which showcases the humble Virupakshi hill banana. Christmas specials, a report on Adivasi life through the pandemic, Kodai’s favourite old eateries (Baba’s French fries, anyone?), the timeless world of the KMU Library and much more lie in store for you—with some specials which will be published as Slow Releases or Sunday Reads over the next few weeks.

Thank you for giving us your attention—and here’s to a wonderful last two weeks of the year. 

At The Kodai Chronicle, we’re celebrating the crazy fact of our existence—soon, we will be launching a crowdfunding campaign to keep a print subscription going. Watch this space—and don’t forget to write in and tell us what you enjoy, appreciate, want to see more of, and can’t get enough of,

Happy last-of-2021!

The Kodai Chronicle Staff

The Kodai Chronicle Staff

This is the official account for The Kodai Chronicle staff used to publish content that is not attributed to any of our contributors or editor, and is for general purposes.

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